Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review: Divorce & Children by Arthur Nazaretin

Title: Divorce & Children
Author: Arthur Nazaretin
Genre: Parenting
Publisher: Self
Pages: 26

In these times, you can't have too many advice guides on how to handle divorce where children are concerned.  I don't usually review anything other than children's picture books keeping to the children's picture book theme, but as I am a product of divorce not only as an adult but also as a child of divorced parents, and the fact that the ebook was free in the Kindle store today, I thought I'd give it a shot.  I've read and reviewed many of the shorter books in the Kindle store and some feel like they are advertisements for the author's other books (and they are; it's part of a new marketing ploy), but I didn't feel that way with Divorce & Children by Arthur Nazaretin.

When my parents' marriage broke up, I was almost ten.  From a child's standpoint, it's an isolating type of thing.  You feel as if you're the only one going through such a traumatic event.  If you were an adult, you could use reasoning; but for a child, it's as if their world has been ripped from under them.  Even though this book is really short (26 pages), it's jam packed full of some really good ideas on how to handle the situation if you have children who are very much involved.  One tip I really liked was to try to keep the tears and the worries away from your child so that he/she feels as if you are in control.  Break down and the child breaks down with you.  When my own marriage was crumbling, I didn't hold anything back from the kids and looking back I wish I had.  I also like the parts that mentioned spending quality time with your children during this crisis.  Overall, the book's theme is leaning more on how to teach you - the adult - how to handle divorce without killing the kid's emotional resources.  Even though this book was short, it was to the point with no filler and is quite a good little reference book.  

My Rating: 
4 Rainbows

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