Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review: The Poofiest Pong by Katherine Graham #children

Title: The Poofiest Pong
Author: Katherine Graham
Publisher: Katherine Graham
Pages: 18
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Format: Kindle

Book Synopsis:
How do you measure the poofiness of your pongs? This is a question that baffles Max, the budding inventor. But with the help of his pong-o-meter and his little brother's farts, Max and Billy are well on their way to blasting off for an adventure in outer space.

My Review: 

Who hasn't spit out the poofiest pongs lately?  We all have and that's what Katherine Graham's adorable yet quirky new children's book, The Poofiest Pong, is all about. Billy Burnham is a precocious little boy who notices such things as the different levels of "pong" that his family produces.  If you haven't guessed, "pong" is a fart.  One day he decides to create a pong-o-meter and the antics following his measurements of everyone's "pongs" is quite hilarious and I know your child will be enthralled with this story!  What I thought was so endearing about this book is how little Billy thinks to even create a pong-o-meter.  What we could do with one of those!  I won't spoil what happens after that but if your child is into rockets and aliens, he/she will love this!

I give this book 5 rainbows!


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