Monday, March 7, 2016

Book Review: Big Alphabet Book of Baby Animals by Sarah Grace

Title: Big Alphabet Book of Baby Animals

Author: Sarah Grace
Publisher: Independent
Pages: (didn't say at Amazon)
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
There was no book description at Amazon for this which I found a bit odd and put off by it so I guess I'll have to tell you what it's about, then I'll add my review.  Much like an ABC book for kids, this book has colorful illustrations of baby animals representing each letter of the alphabet.  For each animal, a question is asked like, "Do you know what a baby dragon is called?" And on the next page would be a picture of a baby dragon and what it's called.
I thought it was a cute little book to read to pre-school kids.  The text was a little small as well as the pictures but it didn't really take too much away from the just had to squint a bit.  However, the illustrations were adorable.  

Aside from no description at Amazon and the text being a little too small, I do have to give kudos to the author for all unique way she went about putting this book together.

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